[Marxism] Why Trudeau?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 19:29:05 MDT 2016

Amidst all the crises of centre-right parties, otherwise known as social
democratic parties, it is interesting to plot how and where centrists go
for occasions for hope. I noted two significant pilgrimages in this
regard.  The Labour Rightist Mayor of London went to pay homage to Justin
Trudeau.  His visit was then followed by that of the Leader of the
Australian Party Bill Shorten.

I know virtually nothing about Canadian politics and generally  they do not
figure largely on the Australian scene or on this list! But why has Trudeau
emerged as the Great White Hope of the Mayor of London and the Leader of
her Majesty's opposition in Australia?

He offers, I take it, some kind of mild Keynesianism as a way of relief
from the brutalities of neoliberalism. He is also charismatic, exudes charm
and is able to talk about quantum computers. Wow!!  He has the kind of ease
and confidence of the ruling class that seems so conspicuously missing from
the Presidential contest south of the Canadian border.

>From the British perspective he has the advantage of not being Corbyn. The
latter bearded and scruffy, God bless him, does not rate highly on the
smooth and charismatic scale. Sadiq Khan would go anywhere not to be
photographed with Corbyn.

In Australia there is not a cheep about Corbyn from any section of the
Labor Party. Shorten is like Khan in that he seems happy not to acknowledge
Corbyn's existence.

But perhaps, just maybe, Corbynism will be publicly acknowledged here
outside the Green Left Weekly circle as a political phenomenon  that
Australians have something to learn from.

We'll see



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