[Marxism] further thought

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 10:50:20 MDT 2016

 Clay is one of the few people I know who regularly denounces "the white
Left" who isn't a white liberal academic from an elite institution.

Still, it's always good to see the barriers coming down.

I doubt that the Greens are not as white as the SWP was in 1967.  But what
I really doubt is whether or not it's a "party" as opposed to a ballot
line.  This isn't nit-picking because the Greens are not really an end in
themselves . . . because most of the state organizations actively resist
functioning as a party in any serious sense.

Comparing the Greens to the Democrats is just nuts because the former are
not going to take power and a vote cast for the Greens isn't going to have
much of an impact on what the U.S. government does and who its slaughters
over the next four years.  A vote for the Greens fits a strategy of
breaking the strength of the two-party idiocy.

Clay says we have to accept political life in a "binary" system, but I'd
suggest that it's is more accurately "bipolar," and we don't really need to
embrace the disease if we don't want to do so.

On the other hand, we can certainly dismiss as a "racist" "the white Left"
that doesn't want to help elect one of the authors of the racialized mass
incarceration of the poor and the non-white.

All power to the new Judenrat, I guess.


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