[Marxism] Brown student responds to NYT op-ed about anti-Semitism

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 12:05:30 MDT 2016

I've lived in RI for 30 years and commute in to Providence daily. There is
zero antisemitism on the East Side, it's a historic Jewish neighborhood.
But if we're going to talk about racism, let's talk about Brown gentrifying
black/brown neighborhoods for the past 50 years. Ben Gladstone, how do you
feel about funding an ethnic cleansing with your tuition?

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@Benjamin Gladstone, I take the same Brown University courses as you. I
currently sit across from you in a Middle East Studies seminar. So I'm
confused by today's New York Times op-ed, where you write of
experiencing anti-Semitism after listening to our professor "glorify"
Egyptian leader Nasser and Hezbollah. (When/where did that happen?!)

Brown is also 1/4th Jewish and anecdotally, in my 4 years, I've never
seen a 'swastika carved into the bathroom stalls" or heard another
student "accuse me of killing Jesus." (But in your op-ed, you've had a
different experience.)

Ben, your exaggerations and allegations of anti-Semitism at Brown harm
our professors' ability to teach. Your rhetoric invites outside
political groups to pressure, fire and censor non-tenured academics
critical of your Israel politics (a la the Canary Mission). Your op-ed
portends a threat to academic freedom at Brown.

Best regards,

Andrew Stewart

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