[Marxism] Report (with Pictures and Videos) from Rally in Solidarity with Aleppo

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 3 10:51:09 MDT 2016

At 17:38 03-10-16 +0200, RKOB via Marxism wrote:
> http://www.thecommunists.net/rcit/rally-for-aleppo/
>.....Not surprisingly, not a single Austrian left-wing organization except
>joined the rally. This reflects the abstentionist or even pro-Assadist 
>position of large sectors of the Stalinist, social democratic and centrist 
>left, as well as the increasing Islamophobia in Europe, something which 
>regrettably has also infected the so-called “left”.

Yes, I'm afraid I have to agree with that bleak assessment. (But good for
you in breaking that unfortunate pattern!). 

It appears (as in Vienna) that it has largely been Syrian refugees (and
former emigrants) who have been involved in the weekend actions calling
attention to the humanitarian disaster facing Aleppo. The demonstration in
the Hague I had earlier described did have some sponsorship from human
right organizations. But the somewhat larger demonstration in Amsterdam on
Saturday appeared to be attended largely by Syrians. About 2/3 of the
speakers spoke in Arabic which the audience seemed to understand. From my


you can again see that there was no obvious participation by the left. I
could mention that the Dutch International Socialists did publicize the
actions. But either they were keeping a very low profile at the event
(rather than their MO of coming with their own placards and selling their
paper), or (more likely) didn't bother to actually show up (even in the
center of Amsterdam, their largest base of support, on a non-workday!). 

But I'm afraid that's all an old story by now....

- Jeff 

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