[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 3 13:29:15 MDT 2016

Sam Charles Hamad chimes in:

Max Blumenthal can never again fault one supporter of Israel's 
aggression against Palestinians or one gangsterish propagandist of any 
government he doesn't like for claiming that aid organisations are, if 
we're being honest, worthy targets. That's what Max is doing. The White 
Helmets are a part of the Syrian revolution. They operate in areas of 
Syria liberated by rebels and their victims are like the vast majority 
of *victims* in Syria - those people targeted by Assad and his allies.

Blumenthal is making the case for these people, those who carry no 
weapons but rather carry maimed and all too often murdered children out 
of rubble, to be annihilated. You might think that's hyperbole, but 
that's at the heart of these smears. These people are so thorough in 
their support for fascist, genocidal counter-revolution in Syria. It's 
remarkable. And people keep telling me I shouldn't 'write them off'. 
It's too late. It's gone past that. If Mr Blumenthal was in front of me, 
I would not be responsible for my actions. This snot-nosed child of 
ultra-privileged political aristocracy - I used to think his rebellion 
against the politics of his parents was perhaps accidentally noble, but 
he's proved beyond all doubt that he's as good as a fascist. Perhaps 
even more sinister than your standard fascist.

When, for example, the Neo-Nazi Nick Griffin made the same claims as Max 
and his ilk about the 'White Helmets', at the time of Jo Cox's murder 
(Cox, if you remember, was a major patron of the White Helmets in life 
and hundreds of thousands was raised for them posthumously on her 
GoFundMe page at the prompting of her husband), hardly anybody cared. 
You expect fascists like Griffin to support fascism, whether it's in 
Aldershot or Aleppo, but Max Blumenthal is considered by millions across 
the world to be a 'progressive' - to be a leftist. His poison against 
the White Helmets is part of a wider attempt to legitimise their murder 
and, in general, the genocide in Syria being carried out by Assad, Iran 
and Russia.

I beg everybody - it's time to treat these people as fascists. They are 
no better. They are legitimising murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide. 
People need to treat them as they deserve to be treated. No more excuses 
- excusing them is to be complicit with them.

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