[Marxism] Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 3 14:21:50 MDT 2016

Clay Claiborne said:
95% of the Afro-Americans you see on TV and think flirting with Trump are being well paid to fool you. You may not understand how GOP politics is play in the US, but I do. 

Googling your Malcolm X quote turns up nothing. If you can rephrase I will try again. What I did find was this pro-Trump piece:

"Hillary Is Closer To Mussolini Than Trump Is To Hitler"


Ken Hiebert replies:
Previously I said:
I think Malcolm X once said, "If they want you to vote for Mussolini, they'll run Hitler against him."

So far I have found nothing on line that would support my recollection.  The closest I came to this was Malcolm X's description of the liberals and conservatives as the fox and the wolf.
I did run across an interesting discussion of his stance on the 1964 election.  He clearly did not support Johnson.  And there is debate over whether or not he advocated a vote for Goldwater.

As for some Afro-Americans I have seen on TV advocating support for Trump, you could be right.  They might be paid.
But their appeal to black voters is based on the idea that they can get more out of the Democrats if the Democrats see some black voters moving to the Republicans. 

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