[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 19:21:30 MDT 2016

Which Syrians? Do people in Syria read Alternet? Do people in America read
it for that matter?

Yes, you should call them out, but this sounds like saying we should never
read anything he writes again on any subject. I think that goes too far.

- Amith

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> On 10/3/16 8:26 PM, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>> But I do not expect that much of him or other Western journalists in the
>> first place. Is it really fair to say his journalist contributions on
>> other
>> issues should be thrown to the wind over his statements about the White
>> Helmets?
> Oh, please, Amith. Blumenthal and Ben Norton for that matter will go
> unscathed because they get called out for writing lies. The only people
> pissed at him are Syrians and who cares about them?
> Here's the deal. Any journalist who writes lies should get called out
> whether it is Judith Miller or Max Blumenthal. In fact, up until now there
> has only been minor carping about Blumenthal who mainly wrote obnoxious
> Tweets about Syria. But this article is truly toxic stuff, filled with
> half-truths and outright lies. When you write shit that justifies Assad's
> genocidal attack on Aleppo, that is no different than Tablet or Hillel
> defending the IDF bombing in Gaza. I reserve the right to blast the Israel
> lobby and the Baathist amen corner.
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