[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

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Tue Oct 4 05:39:45 MDT 2016

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From: Louis Proyect via Marxism
Sam Charles Hamad:

I beg everybody - it's time to treat these people as fascists. They are
no better. They are legitimising murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide.
People need to treat them as they deserve to be treated. No more excuses
- excusing them is to be complicit with them.

That may sound extreme, but I agree with Sam. That is what they are 

What's more, in terms of the era we are in, I not only agree with Sam, 
but also have my own view regarding the centrality of this.  Syria - the 
world's most majestic revolutionary uprising of the 21st century, and 
currently the world's biggest genocide, with some 500,000 people killed, 
as well as a gigantic new Nakbah with half the population uprooted - is 
now the biggest issue in the world. It is centrally important to world 
politics that the Russian-Iranian invasion of Syria, and the genocidal 
family clique it keeps in control of Damascus, is smashed, no less than 
it was for US imperialism to be smashed in Indochina in the 1960s and 

I don't expect most people to agree with this, of course. Sometimes the 
full impact of events is more evident later. After all, with the Soviet 
support and arming of Israel in 1948, most of the official left were 
fully Zionist at the time, and viewed support for Israel and the ethnic 
cleansing of the Palestinians as a way of supporting socialist kibbutzes 
against "reactionary Arab states" and "Islamist forces" backed by 
British imperialism. So familiar. It took a while back then, too. 

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