[Marxism] Mariam Barghouti on Max Blumenthal

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 4 14:00:58 MDT 2016

(posted on FB)

Max Blumenthal has reached serious lows in his latest piece. Rather than 
address a universal phenomenon on how international aid abuses areas of 
need and conflict for instance, he has chosen to vilify and demonize 
human rights organizations that try in any way possible to preserve life 
in a region constantly bombarded by Russian and Regime bombs.

What Max has done, is build a career off of the Palestinian cause and in 
return he neglects our Syrian brothers and sisters in the most sinister 
manner he managed to muster. I am exhausted and sick of having our 
voices (those of us from the region and in the region) be condensed into 
soundbites and short quotes so journalists like Blumenthal can build a 
name for themselves only to betray our Arab brothers and sisters.

His piece is exemplary of what lack of nuance and stripping of agency 
looks like. It is not courageous investigative journalism reporting, 
rather a cop out article that whitewashes the crimes of oppressors. I'm 
too appalled to even link the article here.
What on earth have we done?

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