[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 18:43:36 MDT 2016

I totally agree, Michael Karadjis.

It is time to do something. There are more than a few of us. Can we begin
to throw around some ideas of how to have a collective impact. A call for a
national conference on Syria, or in solidarity with Syria, would become a
pole of discussion and would create a fight for and against. That's just
one idea.

We have some people with authority on our side. We could come up with a
mighty list of speakers, especially if we employed Skype or similar
technology to make it an international thing.  Or your idea. Or whatever.
But it's time. The Amen Corner would go apeshit.

David McDonald

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