[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 4 18:51:29 MDT 2016

On 10/4/16 8:43 PM, David McDonald via Marxism wrote:
> We have some people with authority on our side. We could come up with a
> mighty list of speakers, especially if we employed Skype or similar
> technology to make it an international thing.  Or your idea. Or whatever.
> But it's time. The Amen Corner would go apeshit.
> David McDonald

I think that we should kick around the idea of a worldwide teach-in on 
Syria that would be streamed on the net as a Skype-based (or some other 
appropriate technology) event that could feature some of the leading 
voices such as Gilbert Achcar, who I am quite close to, Danny Postel, 
and most of all Syrians both in country and abroad.

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