[Marxism] Jehad Saleem on Max Blumenthal

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 4 19:23:39 MDT 2016

Jehad Saleem from Gaza, Palestine:

Shame on all those Western activists who built their fame on Palestinian 
pain and now advocate for Assad and justify the mass-murder of hundreds 
of thousands of Syrians

Remember: the worst Syrian regime Military Intelligence Branch is also 
known as the “Palestine Branch.” For decades, Arab criminal dictators 
and demagogues took the word Palestine and tirelessly used it to wash 
the blood of those they tortured and murdered in their narrow and dark 
torture chambers. For decades, under pro-Palestine slogans, millions of 
people were hijacked by narrow-sighted socio-paths who suppressed 
democracy, workers movements and unions, made a joke out of our 
countries, expelled and executed thinkers and intellectuals, and built 
more jails than parks and hospitals, and invested in strengthening their 
power at the expense of the people who were subject to their rule. There 
is no reason, no reason at all, that can justify why these regimes 
surpassed all boundaries of excessive use of power and coercion. What 
does being anti-imperialist have to do with suppressing millions of 
people, stealing their resources, and force them to live in the hell of 
a worst-than-Orwellian scenario of fear and misery? No my friends. We do 
deserve better, our people deserve better than Saddam, Ghaddafi, and 
Assad, and if you think this is the maximum we deserve, then you are a 
racist piece of shit who still hasn’t cured his or her supremacist 

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