[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 19:36:13 MDT 2016

I honestly think the best way to "humanize" a cause is to make sure that
people from those communities are represented properly. Everyone is going
ape shit about Max Blumenthal (and Seymour Hersh before that) but let's be
honest, some of this is the fault of leftists who have allowed people from
the West to become the arbiters of Syrian (and Palestinian) voices. These
Western left circles appear to be responding to various domestic
constraints on funding and political climate and have been highly selective
with regard to *which* Palestinian and Syrian voices they care to feature
-- usually selecting a handful of people who live in the West to be the
tokens. In effect they have done what the neocons did with Chalabi and what
the Zionists did with Abbas. The best way forward is to make sure that
those people who live in Syria are able to express their views. I assume
that in a political movement that is actually accountable, one more crappy
article about Syria would not cause this much offense. It is only because
there was some sort of assumption that Alternet and Max Blumenthal were
expected to be the voice of another people that there is such
consternation. Otherwise, what is one more shitty article?

The two authors that wrote "Burning Country" seem to have close contacts
with the various people who were working in these local committees. Perhaps
an initiative about getting Westerners to "rethink Syria" should start with
making sure the people in those committees have faces, names, articles, etc
that can be shared in the West. What are those peoples thoughts about
Palestine/Israel, about capitalism, about NGOs, etc? I think it is time to
shift the discussion to what they have to say so we don't just need to
cherry-pick among Western intellectuals and journalists.

- Amith

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> On 10/4/16 8:43 PM, David McDonald via Marxism wrote:
>> We have some people with authority on our side. We could come up with a
>> mighty list of speakers, especially if we employed Skype or similar
>> technology to make it an international thing.  Or your idea. Or whatever.
>> But it's time. The Amen Corner would go apeshit.
>> David McDonald
> I think that we should kick around the idea of a worldwide teach-in on
> Syria that would be streamed on the net as a Skype-based (or some other
> appropriate technology) event that could feature some of the leading voices
> such as Gilbert Achcar, who I am quite close to, Danny Postel, and most of
> all Syrians both in country and abroad.
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