[Marxism] On Fukushima contamination of Pacific Ocean waters

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Wed Oct 5 08:41:38 MDT 2016

"R" asked about more recent reports on ocean contamination from Fukushima.
Most of the listed reports he listed on his post (by way of Louis P.) came
from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) collected data (if you
read a 'news article' on something, try following the links back to the
original report to get a summery AND conclusion from the study's authors!).
The WHOI has more recent reports if only people would get off of Google and
do some more serious research. "R" was kvetching that he could only find
reports from 2012. Reports are issued almost in a kind of live-streaming so
they is not hard to find. The other project is the "Integrated Fukushima
Ocean Radionuclide Monitoring (InFORM)" which includes, oddly, the very
anti-nuclear "David Suzuki Foundation" and other NGOs (
https://fukushimainform.ca/our-ngo-partners/ ).

First, on radiation, turn your browsers to the WHOI's rather excellent and
interactive graphic on radiation (does, responses, sources, etc). It is a
very good pedagogical presentation on how and how much radiation is bad for
you. It is here: http://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/feature/heath-risks

Now, the InFORM group is based in the Pacific Northwest, basically Puget
Sound and Vancouver, BC institutions. Dr. Jay Cullen, who was recently
threatened with death by a deranged anti-nuclear activist ... who is in
jail, it seems ... for supposedly being "pro-nuclear" --he's not-- he leans
toward renewables personally, because of posts like this:

Anyway, Cullen is a lead researcher of Oceanography and Marine Chemistry at
the University of Victoria, BC Vancouver and participates in this Forum.
The reason for this west coast focus is that the BC area is sort of the
first place any effluent from Fukushima shows up.

In August he published on the liberal democratic party blog, the DailyKos
the following:
it is very short.

This is a very basic summation of the increase in radionuclides of Cs-137,
the focus of the links "R" provided. While the Cs-137 has reached the West
Coast of N. America, it at levels that are barely detectable. One of the
reasons is the huge amount of dilution.

David Walters

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