[Marxism] The events in relation to Benghazi and Syria explained

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God forbid someone show support for a government of which Nelson Mandela

“I have also invited Brother Leader Gaddafi to this country [South Africa].
And I do that because our moral authority dictates that we should not
abandon those who helped us in the darkest hour in the history of this
country. Not only did they [Libya] support us in return, they gave us the
resources for us to conduct the struggle, and to win. And those South
Africans who have berated me, for being loyal to our friends, literally
they can go and throw themselves into a pool.”


But what does Madiba know in comparison to Clay?

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>> https://rimediacoop.org/2016/09/26/draitser-stewart-clinton-libya/
> Its a sad day when I see some of the most extreme CT supports for the
> fascist Gaddafi regime:
> In brief, we know from the emails that Clinton’s longtime aide and press
>> operative Sidney Blumenthal emailed her multiple times about new
>> developments within Libya regarding a new Golden Dinar currency that
>> Muammar al Gaddafi was developing. Backed with the accumulated wealth of
>> the Libyan state from its nationalized oil resources as well as large
>> stores of gold and silver, the Golden Dinar was intended as a pan-African
>> currency that would pose a serious threat to the American dollar, the EU
>> euro, and the French franc.
> And some of the most chauvinist attacks on the Libyan thuwar:
>> What emerged in Libya as the US-backed rebels began to take control was
>> simply a pogrom. Black Africans were lynched by these rebel Islamists with
>> a viciousness and systemic nature that goes hand-in-hand with their brand
>> of extremism, an ideology that embraces racism, homophobia, and sexism
>> backed by American ally Saudi Arabia.
>> In other words, Clinton was aligning herself with the very deplorables
>> she now pigeonholes as followers of her opponent.
> Recycled on this list. Louis may embrace his new friends but I stand by my
> defense of the Libyan revolution. This is all trash I debunked years ago.
> http://claysbeach.blogspot.com//2013/01/my-libyan-diaries_786.html
> Its no accident that US Greens turn out to be big supporters of fascism
> worldwide. In my next blog post I will show how fascist Trump supporters
> are warming up to Jill.
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