[Marxism] The events in relation to Benghazi and Syria explained

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This is a speech from long before that took place. He was saying such
things as soon as he was able to.

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> But what does Madiba know in comparison to Clay?
> If you knew anything about Mandela’s final years, I doubt you’d be
> inclined to make him the focus of your fallacious appeal to authority. This
> is from about a year after that speech:
> "Mandela is said by those close to him to be suffering from a form of
> senile dementia, which doctors say is common in the very old. He gets
> confused and is easily upset and agitated. Importantly, for a man who was
> obsessed with the news, his family and the military now largely protect him
> from the details of everyday life."
> From here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/26/world/africa/south-africa-
> mandela-importance/
> And before you resort to imagining a quick descent over the course of
> 2011, it is pretty well known that he was fading (and sheltered) long
> before then.

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