[Marxism] Fwd: Portrait of a Revolution: The Journey of Faiek al-Meer – Random Shelling قصف عشوائي

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 5 20:49:01 MDT 2016

«Where are the secular rebels?» wonders one apprehensive Western 
«leftist», whose main task has become to emulate his Islamophobic 
counterpart on the right by counting the number of beards he sees in a 
YouTube video and the «Allahu Akbars» the fighters and demonstrators 
shout out.

«Why did Syrians not pack central squares like Egyptians, creating a 
Tahrir Square of their own?» laments another remarkably keen observer 
(so keen, in fact, that he managed to miss the huge anti-regime sit-ins 
in Homs’s Clock and Khaldiyeh Squares and Hama’s Assi Square – to name 
but three – all of them ruthlessly dispersed by the Syrian regime’s 
security forces and army).

«The situation in Syria is too complex. It’s a sectarian civil proxy 
war. Let us just hope for peace and refrain from taking sides», comments 
he who bombs us with quotes by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King on the 
duty to abandon neutrality in times of great moral conflict.

Repeating the basics about the Syrian revolution time and again has 
become exhausting. And Syrian revolutionaries, the oppressed, should not 
have to bear the burden to prove the justice of their cause while Bashar 
Al-Assad continues to enjoy full impunity and treatment as a legitimate 
president. Nor do Syrians owe explanations and justifications to those 
who dismiss their sacrifices and insist on supporting and even 
glorifying armed resistance revolutionary violence everywhere except in 

Because of the countless checkpoints tearing the city apart and a 
security presence unmatched by any other Arab country in heft, Syrians 
never had the ability to fill a central square in Damascus. The main 
social bulwark of the revolution exists in conservative working class 
communities in the suburbs and the periphery because these communities 
have suffered the most damage at the hands of both Bashar al-Assad and 
his father. The same people who shout Allahu Akbar—that phrase that 
somehow manages to frighten the civilised world more than the regime’s 
SCUD missiles, fighter jets and cluster bombs— also sing revolutionary 
songs in mosques and turn funeral processions of martyrs into 
wedding-like protests. Even while besieged, shelled and starved to death 
by the regime, they miraculously remain defiant and teach life to a dead 

Never mind that first people who took to the streets demanding the 
overthrow of the regime also took to the streets protesting against 
Islamist extremists. Never mind that they are forced to fight several 
battles on several fronts at once and by themselves. Perhaps, if regime 
supporters or those who claim neutrality were a fraction as critical of 
the regime as supporters of the revolution are critical of armed 
resistance and political opposition, we would have been spared most this 


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