[Marxism] A meeting of Russian journalists (on tape)

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Thank you for posting a look from inside out, most illuminating and fascinating, about a slice of Russian media reality. The corporate-speak of the new executive managers come to clamp down, and the worries of the staff, could come straight from mid-town Manhattan.   


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>Recorded (apparently in secret).
>In early July, the news agency RBC hired Elizaveta Golikova and Igor Trosnikov to head its joint editorial staff. Before coming to RBC, these two journalists worked at the state-owned newswire service TASS. They are replacing Elizaveta Osetinskaya and Roman Badanin, who were forced out in mid-May, formally by mutual agreement, though multiple sources say it was the result of the Kremlin's dissatisfaction with RBC's independent reporting. Several of the news agency's reporters resigned with Osetinskaya and Badanin, and others decided to wait for the new management, to see if it would be possible to work with them. On the evening of July 7, the staff attended a meeting with its new chief editors. Meduza has received an audio recording of this meeting, and published a transcript (with minor abridgements) on July 8. The next day, RBC General Director Nikolai Molibog invited whoever leaked the audio recording to resign, writing on Facebook, “those of our colleagues at RBC who did this, or who consider this act to have been acceptable, can fuck off to hell.” Meduza is now making the transcript available in English.

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