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An interesting article (posted on the UFPJ list) whose author comes to a
short-sighted conclusion.
The government of the Kurdish region of Iraq has been unable to pay
workers' salaries and in general to relieve the impact of economic crisis.
This, supposedly, has Kurds dumping desires for national liberation and
instead seeking closer ties to Baghdad in the hopes of generating new
profit sources.
Like the Iraqi regime is doing any better in managing the crisis, or is any
more inclined to make the country's rulers pay its price?
Genuinely independent trade unions in both areas, in alliance with women's
and other movements, are instead what's needed.
How that will play out in future discussions of Kurdish independence is
uncertain and depends in part on the differing dynamics of each area's
labor movements and the extent of solidarity in word and deed.
All of this, by the way, is more evidence of the continued relevance of
permanent revolution.
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Teachers take part in a protest demanding delayed wages, Sulaimaniyah,
Iraqi Kurdistan, Sept. 27, 2016.  (photo by Twitter/@SartepOthman)
Why calls for independence are in decline in Iraqi Kurdistan

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