[Marxism] Art of the syrian revolution

Nathan Letore nletore at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 6 15:33:37 MDT 2016


Don't know if you guys are already aware of this, though a quick search for "Yazigi" through Louis's blog and my email archives gets no results. Creative Memory is a website that draws together (in french, english, and arabic - Sana Yazigi, the woman who runs it, is living in Lebanon now) different sorts of artistic testimonies about the Syrian uprising. I've chanced upon it and haven't had a chance to delve deep into it yet - probably a lot, like many of the documentaries about the uprising I've seen until now, is well intentioned but aesthetically uncertain; but its value as testimony (to what it depicts, and also as testimony to human creativity under duress) makes complaints like that seem churlish and beside the point.

Anyway, here's the link:


I came across the website in an article on Le Monde Diplomatique blog, which you can run through Google Translate if your french abilities are comparable to my arabic ones:


If this is already widely shared and I'm just late to the party then disregard my email.

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