[Marxism] Riad Alarian responds to Max Blumenthal on FB

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 16:39:24 MDT 2016

Here is the text from my FB post. I took Michael Karadjis' advice from this
thread and posted the following:

Call for a discussion:

To All Supporters of the Syrian Revolution

We need to do something visible in the world that will help in the fight
against Assad's regime.

We need to identify ourselves to ourselves so we can gauge our strength and
plan quickly but carefully to add our weight, whatever that may be, to the

As a first step I suggest something on the order of a conference organized
around "Save Aleppo" or a similar idea that inserts us into the public
discussion, draws fire from the Amen Corner, and tries to shape the public
discussion. In a private email to me the following was suggested:

"I think that we should kick around the idea of a worldwide teach-in on
Syria that would be streamed on the net as a Skype-based (or some other
appropriate technology) event that could feature some of the leading voices
such as Gilbert Achcar, [...] Danny Postel, and most of all Syrians both in
country and abroad."

I think this is a great idea. Especially "most of all Syrians both in
country and abroad." Depending on what number and sort of allies we find,
it is easy to extend this idea to even more popular methods of reaching
people, such as benefit concerts.
First things first. Let's find ourselves. If you are sympathetic please
like this post and share it. Tag the people you especially want to reach.
Then let's talk about specifics.

That's the post. If you're interested let me know in any fashion and when
this gets off the ground you will be invited to the discussion. I'm David
McDonald in Seattle, that will be enough to find me on Fb.


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