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Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 12:08:15 MDT 2016

*There Is a Republican Meltdown on the agenda*

In march I sent this list a long note asking the question, "Is a Republican
Meltdown on the Agenda?"

You can read it below if you want. At the time it went mostly unnoticed.

Now, the Republican meltdown is becoming a fact. Trump is not the cause, he
is just a catalyst in what was already a toxic cocktail waiting to explode.

The Democrats are likely to win the White House and the Senate, and go on
to appoint a historic Supreme Court majority. They may even win the House
of Representatives.

This will be a disaster for the lesser-evil left who have always argued
that we must support the Democrats because the Republicans are sooooo much
worse. What will they argue if the Democrats win the whole show?

Lesser-evilism is pragmatic, and it has worked to a certain extent. You get
a road fixed and a school built here or there, you might even get more
democratic access to voting, at the price of wars, war machines, permanent
union busting...

But lesser evilism has gotten us into the fix we are in now. In the 1960's
the Black Panther Party began as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.
Huey Newton and Boby Seale and their comrades read the law, got some guns,
and rode around following white cops in Oakland to prevent them from
murdering young black people on the streets of the city.

And, now the Black Lives Matter movement is still conducting the same fight.

What happened. What did the lesser evil Democrats do? We had Lyndon
Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

You could look at our wars...Viet Nam, Central America, Yugoslavia, Iraq,
Iraq, Afghanistan...

Who led them? Republicans and Democrats arm in arm together.

We should be voting for the Green Party and/or any socialist candidates on
the ballot this year. And we should be looking forward to great
opportunities in the next four years because lesser-evilism may be in for
its biggest defeat in decades.

Here is what I posted in March.

"Although my crystal ball stopped working years ago, it looks to me like
the electoral system in the United States is entering a major crisis.

"The center of the crisis right now is the Republican Party. What a circus!
What low-life clowns! How could any sane human being vote for any of them?

"But this is the party of Lincoln. This is the Grand Old Party that won the
civil war and rebuilt the United States. This is the party of business;
this is the main party of the American capitalist class. And it is

"Food for thought.

"Since the 1960’s the GOP has rebuilt itself into a new party. Clearly a
party of business owners and farmers in the 20th century United States was
doomed to be a minority party in elections. Even if every small business
owner voted for it, it would lose every election if the working class and
poor all voted for some other party. The party of business needed to
acquire voters from among the ignorant masses.

"It found them after World War II by being more anti-communist than even
the Democratic Party. But, cold-war anti-communism was a card that had worn
thin by 1960.

"John F. Kennedy’s razor thin election victory paradoxically gave the
Republicans the key to getting a lot more voters. Kennedy’s cynical ploy of
supporting black voting rights had helped him win the elections, but it
insulted and betrayed the southern Jim Crow base of his party. When
Kennedy’s southern born and bred Vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson,
took over, he only made matters worse for his southern Democratic brothers
in arms by pushing through the Civil Rights Act.

"The revolt followed when Alabama Governor George Wallace led the southern
Democrats out of the Democratic Party and temporarily into a short-lived
new party called the American Independent Party. The GOP saw the
opportunity to grab the very base of the old Democratic Party. Nixon’s
southern strategy swallowed the AIP whole, and took the Texas Democratic
Party along with it. By 1972 what had been the solid Democratic South had
been transformed into the solid Republican south.

"Unfortunately for the GOP political strategists around Nixon, racism had
been dealt a powerful blow by the great uprising of youth and black people
of the 1960’s. Racism had not been killed, but it was mortally wounded and
has never recovered. The fact that Barack Obama was elected president is
very strong evidence of this. The fact that two of the most important
clowns in the Republican primaries this year, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have
Spanish last names, and the facts that one of the GOP candidates was black
and another was a woman are additional evidence.

"The GOP needed to find another way to attract some other group of backward
people. They found it in religion. The Moral Majority helped Ronald Reagan
into the White House and transformed abortion from a medical issue into a
political litmus test.

To add to the toxic mixture, the GOP became the party of the National Rifle

"This hybrid monster, led by the traditional Calvin Coolidge stratum of the
Republican Party, was headed for a disaster.

"The problem is, even the most backward Republican voter expects something
in return for his vote. And the voter base of the Republican Party got
almost nothing from Republican victories. Less than nothing for most of
them when it comes to the nuts and bolts of “the economy stupid”.

"Whether or not they were aware of the tenuous nature of their electoral
victories, the GOP was working hard to use its electoral base to give it
permanent dominance of the electoral system. They focused on gaining
control of the Supreme Court and state legislatures. These were the keys to
reversing the inclusion of poor people into the voting booths that had
resulted from the civil rights movement and the black rebellions of the

"This strategy led to the creation of the Berger Supreme Court in place of
the Warren Supreme Court, and it lead to Republican control of almost 40
state legislatures and a cascade of big and small court decisions and
legislative actions that has whittled down the electorate to give a
minority party the position of the majority party in everything but
presidential elections.

"And it is all unraveling in front of our eyes.

"It is not just Ted Cruz and Donald Trump trashing each other’s wives. It
is not just the Tea Party faction of the GOP running candidates against
mainstream Republicans in primaries. It is not just the ever more intense
crisis in the Republican Congressional and Senate delegations.

"The top of the Republican Party has fractured. The Koch brothers are not
an accident. And, the fracture at the top has allowed the unstable base to
splinter and explode. Donald Trump is not an accident either.

"So what will the outcome be?

"My crystal ball is very hazy. Let me try my Ouija board.

"Ted Cruz will not support Donald Trump if he is the Republican
presidential candidate. Donald Trump will not support Ted Cruz if he is the
Republican presidential candidate. If there is a brokered convention and
someone else becomes the candidate, Trump will not support that person, and
Cruz might not either. Who knows what Rubio and Kasich will do, but not
very many people care anyway.

"Any way that you look at it, a lot of Republican voters are going to stay
home on November 8. This almost guarantees that the Democratic presidential
candidate will win. Most likely Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders is

"But, the fact that Republican voters are going to stay home has other very
important implications.

"The Republicans control the Senate, the House and most of the state
governments. They have “trifectas” in 23 states. This means the governor
and both houses of the legislature are controlled by one party. The
Democrats have only six trifectas. The other state governments are split,
but the Republicans are clearly the dominant party in 39 of the 50 state
governments. https://ballotpedia.org/Gubernatorial_and_legislative_

"What will happen to all of this?

"First of all, the Senate is likely to change hands. The GOP currently has
54 Senate seats, but 24 of the 34 seats that are up for election this year
are held by Republicans. Seven races have been called toss-ups by the Cook
Report. If Republican turn out is low, the Democrats have a very good
change of regaining control of the Senate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

And, if the Democrats keep control of the White House and gain control of
the Senate, they will also gain control of the Supreme court for a long

The Republicans can block Obama’s nominee until next year, but once a new
president and a new senate are seated, there will be a replacement for
Scalia – and if the Democrats win the White House and the Senate, they will
get the majority on the Supreme Court for the first time in more than
thirty years.

"More than this, four justices – two Democrats and two Republicans – are
old enough to die or retire. There is a serious possibility that a
Democratic president and a Democratic Senate will create a Supreme court
with a 7-2 Democratic Party majority.

And if that happens, what will the court do with all the cases about voting
rights now percolating their way up the ladder to the Supreme Court?

"And, if the Republican election disaster is really big, they could even
lose control of the House of Representatives and a dozen or so state

"And, this would be a great disaster for the Democratic Party, and a great
opportunity for the revolutionary left.


"The Democratic Party has always depended on the GOP as its excuse. It can
never do anything serious to benefit the working class people who vote for
it because the GOP blocks all of its good initiatives. It can never
advocate anything more radical like gay marriage, single payer health
insurance, nationalization (God forbid!) because it would lose elections to
the Republicans.

"Well, what will it do once its excuse is gone?

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