[Marxism] on Republican meltdown

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 18:01:08 MDT 2016

I thought I had said my piece on the Presidential election. But Anthony's
post and re-post were very interesting. In this the age of vampires and
zombies, I tend not to believe something or someone is over and dead until
volleys of silver bullets, cascades of stakes through hearts and the
chopping off  of heads have gone into action.

So I was skeptical of claims that Trump had self-destructed.  But this
morning I awoke to news that the Prime Minister of Australia had attacked
Trump.  Furthermore, we have been assured that the Leader of the Labour
Party opposition is poised to say that Trump is not fit to led the Free

"Holy Olfactory" as Robin was wont to say to Batman.

When the likes of Shorten and Turnbull are kicking you, it is a guarantee
that you are lying flat, in a coma and hemorrhaging from all your orifices.

I waste no tears, of course, for scum like Trump.  Nor do I rejoice in any
way at the prospect of a Clinton victory.  I can't though clutch at the
straw Anthony offers us - namely the collapse of lesser evil-ism.  He
writes "Well, what will it [the Democratic Party] do once its excuse is

I can only say, "they will think of something".  The struggle to break free
from the Republican-Democratic duopoly will still be necessary.  But let's
hope that Anthony is right and that the collapse of Trump and the
Republicans will at least expose the Democrats to greater scrutiny.



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