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Liberal IPE as a Colonial Science

David L. Blaney and Naeem Inayatullah

John Hobson (2012: chapter 9) characterizes the work of contemporary 
neoliberal scholars (his example is Robert Keohane’s After Hegemony) in 
International Political Economy (IPE) as subliminally paternalistic and 
Eurocentric.  In parallel to a more openly Eurocentric liberalism of the 
late-19th and early 20th century, agency is located in the West – a West 
that promotes open markets and rules of rational cooperation as parts of 
a civilizing mission.  However, in contrast with earlier periods, this 
message is delivered only implicitly.  The Eurocentric narrative is, in 
Hobson’s (2012: 214) terms, “sublimated rather than exorcised.” 
Hobson’s indictment of neoliberal IPE is compelling – his documentation 
careful and the parallels precise.  But we are left to wonder how 
Eurocentrism became sublimated.  Hobson’s (2012: 185) points us to a 
“significant epistemic shift” that espouses “positivist principles” and 
prescribes “value neutrality.”  Though he points us in the right 
direction, we believe he under-theorizes the sublimation at work.  Nor 
does he capture how Eurocentrism lurks symptomatically in neoliberal IPE.

full: https://www.academia.edu/28134043/Liberal_IPE_as_a_Colonial_Science

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