[Marxism] Assadists strike back with statement

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 09:34:00 MDT 2016

The Assadists have published their own statement with list of signers on
Counterpunch (at least):


This is possibly the worst thing Jeffrey St Clair has ever done. Someone
who is a signatory to the *real *global solidarity movement with Syria
statement ought to submit it to Counterpunch so they can't say they didn't
have a chance.

The real thing:


The real thing minus signatories but with explanatory updates from Muftah,
a highly recommended Syrian source, commentary by Sarah Moawad:


My remarks:

This is another beginning of the battle of Syria. The Assadist statement is
put out by the Syria Solidarity Campaign. One big weakness is that the home
page for the statement, so to speak, is also home base for all the other
crap the Assadists propagandize, including their call to NOT give the White
Helmets the Nobel Peace Prize. If properly highlighted, that ought to help
ordinary Americans and other westerners figure out who stands where.

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