[Marxism] Syria maps

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 14 10:12:39 MDT 2016

On 10/14/16 11:42 AM, Andrew Stewart via Marxism wrote:
> Everyone knows that government policy is opposed to al Queda and ISIS while the princes are simultaneously sending money to jihadists.

Then you need to learn to write more clearly.

"Gee, how ironic that ISIS just so happens to be massed around the areas 
that the Saudis want to gain control of for their fossil fuel cartel. 
Golly, I wonder if any of those maniacal princelings affiliated with the 
House of Saud might be funneling money to ISIS?"

When you say that the princelings are *affiliated* with the House of 
Saud, readers can only conclude that they have the approval of the 
state. Which as you now seem to admit was not what you believe.

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