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Fri Oct 14 14:27:10 MDT 2016

If there is any justification at this point for continuing a Netflix 
membership, it is the opportunity to see Werner Herzog’s new documentary 
about volcanoes on October 28th, which will be opening the same day at 
the IFC Center in New York. Titled “Inside the Inferno” and produced by 
Netflix itself, it is echt Herzog and qualified on that basis alone for 
putting it on your must-see list.

The film is co-directed by Clive Oppenheimer who is one of the world’s 
leading volcanologists and a constant presence throughout the film as he 
visits villages near major active volcanoes around the world, including 
Vanuatu, a group of islands about 1000 miles east of northern Australia. 
Oppenheimer alternates with Herzog in interviewing village elders who 
maintain prescientific notions about spirits dwelling within the 
volcanoes. The co-directors have an uncanny ability to accept those 
beliefs in a respectful manner.

Speaking in terms of auteur theory, this documentary is obviously 
connected with Herzog’s major preoccupation—living at the edges of 
society and often in the face of some peril. If his “Grizzly Man” was an 
object lesson in getting too close to bears in the Alaskan wilderness, 
his latest is a reminder that scientists like Oppenheimer take as big a 
chance with their lives in their own pursuit.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2016/10/14/three-documentaries-of-note-5/

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