[Marxism] trumping Trump

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 18:18:28 MDT 2016

Lou wrote: (Interesting article from Charles Post but I am afraid he like
most leftists takes Trump at his word that he is hostile to the neoliberal
agenda. Those rants against NAFTA, etc. have about as much value as Nixon's
vows that he would bring peace to Vietnam.)

The American election is really pushing its way onto the agenda here in Oz.
One liberal commentator Katerine Murphy of the Guardian mused about the
populist impulse that lay behind Sanders and Trump and "Corbyn's grim
occupation" of the Labour Party.  [Why "grim"?]  Murphy claimed that there
was growing anxiety in Australia about the overseas surge in populism.

I wish!

What does intrigue me at a mild level is the impact of the groping tape.
Richard Seymour claims that the release of the tape by the Clinton camp was
their one smart move, that is if they did it. I would argue that wheeling
out the Obamas, especially Michelle, to give moral ballast to the Clinton
clan was their second smart move.

So we are urged to reject the classic "male chauvinist pig" and I think the
American people now will.

I am also intrigued, though, about the tape's journey from obscurity in
2005 to world wide status in 2016. I have speculated before that the Bush
clan must have done a deal, surely, with the Clintons. I haven't seen any
commentary anywhere on how or why the tape surfaced. It is like *deus ex
machina*, we are supposed to take it on faith.  Like a leader in the old UK
Tory Party, we are being asked to believe it just emerged.

Don't think so.

The really substantial point is that the anti-neoliberal tide which Sanders
surfed and which Trump dabbled in has made way for moral outrage. There is
no question that Lou is absolutely right when he says that Trump was not
sincere in his criticisms of  neoliberalism.

But the need for relief from neoliberalism is real and it will return to
surface or popular consciousness and it is something that the war monger
herself will have to deal with when she becomes POTUS.



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