[Marxism] Fwd: I’m one of the Central Park Five. Donald Trump won’t leave me alone. - The Washington Post

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 15 17:07:29 MDT 2016

One of the best things Ken Burns ever did was a documentary on this 
case, which you see here:


On 10/15/16 7:02 PM, Ernest Leif wrote:
> Central Park East Secondary School - located on 106th street and
> Lexington - where I was a student from 7th - 12th grade during the 80's
> and 90s, shared the building for a few years with Junior High School 13.
> Kevin Richardson, one of the five accused in the Central Park case was a
> student there. I still remember seeing him with his friends in the halls
> between classes; his medium brown color, warm smile and round face. He
> had a gregarious way about him.
> This trial has long haunted many of us who during that era spent many
> after school hours "being kids" in Central Park with our own friends. It
> was topic of conversation in our classes and homes. Many of us knew then
> what the world know now, that they had been falsely accused. Happy to
> see Yusef Salaam getting out his story.

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