[Marxism] Fwd: Fwd: Palestinians and Syrians Are Allies in the Struggle for Freedom

Paddy Hackett paraichackett at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 05:21:11 MDT 2016


Have read this piece on Palestine and Syria by Riad Alarian forwarded by Louis Proyect.

I don't share the view that the armed opposition in Syria is serving the interests of the Syrian masses. 

This armed opposition is in general part of the problem. They assist in polarising events there that lead to even greater suffering of the Syrian masses. 

The solution to the problem must involve the Syrian working class taking the power. But this is not possible on a national basis. The entire Middle East must be involved in such a product. However there is little liklihood of this happening under present conditions.

The same applies to the Palestinian masses. The prevailing armed Palestinian militias are merely symptoms of the problem --not its solution.

Ultimately revolution must take place in the developed economies --Western Europe, Russia, China, Japan and the US etc. if communism is to be realised

Take Care

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