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Hi Louis

Hi Louis

Please inform me as to how I broke the list rules. Not aware of having
broken any. To save bandwidth I advise that such postings, as this one of
yours, be sent privately.

Take Care
Paddy Hackett

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> On 10/17/16 7:21 AM, Paddy Hackett via Marxism wrote:
>> I don't share the view that the armed opposition in Syria is serving the
>> interests of the Syrian masses.
> Paddy, this is ridiculous. You have to remember that Marxmail has over
> 1500 subscribers worldwide anxious to get correspondence from the list that
> has useful and concrete analysis about the class struggle. Sending a
> message to the list to the effect that Syria (or Ireland) needs a socialist
> revolution is a waste of bandwidth since it is essentially preaching to the
> choir. Don't do it again.
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