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Paddy Hackett paraichackett at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 12:14:50 MDT 2016

Tut, tut Louis!

  You yourself are preaching to the "choir" when you claim that Syria needs
a socialist leadership. Yet ironically you excoriate me for arguing for
communism on YOUR list. However I am  not going to be the judgemental
"missionary" here. You are perfectly free to make such statements.

I never claimed that a communist movement was not needed. I merely argued
that the principal source of instability in Syria lies with US imperialism.

However, against your sentiments, my view is that Cuba was not and is not a
"socialist" country. Socialism in one country is not possible. I had better
not refer to Trotsky in this regard for fear of being subjected to attack
by you for being sectarian.

It is this valuable point that was, I believe, the main thrust of my

You described my standpoint as "bullshit". The guidelines for YOUR list
suggest civility. Calling what I write on the list as bullshit is hardly
civil. But who can moderate the moderator?

Take Care
Paddy Hackett

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> On 10/17/16 11:43 AM, Paddy Hackett via Marxism wrote:
>> Despite this it is true that US imperialism is a principal cause of the
>> instability there.
> This is complete bullshit.
> First of all, "instability" is not the problem. That was not the problem
> in Vietnam, Cuba or any other country that had a revolutionary struggle
> against a dictatorship. The main difference between Syria and these other
> countries was that it lacked a socialist leadership like the Castro
> brothers and Che Guevara.
> Paddy, you need to become better informed about Syria before you waste
> bandwidth like this.
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