[Marxism] Fwd: Wretched of the Earth: Thoughts on Syria, Palestine and Discourse – Hummus For Thought

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 18 05:05:27 MDT 2016

First, Assad means nothing to me and us as Palestinians. The whole saga 
of him being a champion of Palestinian rights is one only ideological 
bozos believe, not Palestinians. For us, he is only one thing: a butcher 
of his own people. Clearly, I’m not in the business in proving to anyone 
that he is not a champion of Palestinian rights by citing the last time 
he shot a bullet towards Israel. There is so much written on this, go 
read it. Here, I am stating with native authority that he is not, so 
come on, do practice some of your cultural imperialism and force this 
fake image of his on me. Tell Palestinians that you know about them more 
than they know about themselves. Isn’t this what the anti-imperialist 
leftist bozos criticize pro-interventionists of anyway: of speaking for 

Second, I know what violence is. So, and here I’m addressing white 
leftist Assadists in particular, if you think you know shit about life, 
I suggest you think hard again. Reading a few books about Marxism and 
philosophy to find meaning in your own life, and then engaging in some 
armchair discussions about world politics and visiting a few ‘conflict 
zones’ may teach you something, and there is nothing wrong with doing 
this. Nonetheless, it does not make you more knowledgeable about life 
than a high-school teenager with a direct experience of war, loss and 
injustice, so do know what your limits are. Anti-imperialism is 
precisely this: checking your privileges, your whiteness, understanding 
the operations of power, the insidious forms of imperialism, i.e. 
cultural imperialism, which do not come in the form of American wars and 
interventions in the Middle East and Latin American, or European and IMF 
neo-colonialism. There is more you may want to learn.


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