[Marxism] Mike Whitney article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 18 15:51:42 MDT 2016

On 10/18/16 5:39 PM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
> This article has shown up in a Vancouver based publication.  I may send a letter in response.
> Any commentary on it would be useful.  No rush, this is a monthly publication.
> 			ken h
> http://commonground.ca/2016/10/syria-in-crosshairs-of-corporate-pipeline-war/

The article is typical Whitney bullshit.

There is zero mention of the social conditions inside Syria that drove 
people to desperation. Even Patrick Cockburn recognized them:

Again, consider Syria. The expansion of the free market in a country 
where there was neither democratic accountability nor the rule of law 
meant one thing above all: plutocrats linked to the nation’s ruling 
family took anything that seemed potentially profitable. In the process, 
they grew staggeringly wealthy, while the denizens of Syria’s 
impoverished villages, country towns, and city slums, who had once 
looked to the state for jobs and cheap food, suffered. It should have 
surprised no one that those places became the strongholds of the Syrian 
uprising after 2011. In the capital, Damascus, as the reign of 
neoliberalism spread, even the lesser members of the mukhabarat, or 
secret police, found themselves living on only $200 to $300 a month, 
while the state became a machine for thievery.


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