[Marxism] Fwd: Will the left hear the cries from Aleppo?

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 12:26:56 MDT 2016

Thanks for the quick response, Andy.

As to your points:

1. 90% of your critique is on NFZs, about which the only way to handle it
is as Ashley did, by detailing the positions and reasons of all sides.

I don't mind his detailing positions. That and numerous things in the
article are very good. I don't like the SW/ISO position that an NFZ is an
error, not just for Americans/western leftists, but for Syrians. I think it
is at the heart of an important political concession that reeks.
a. Did I get ISO's position wrong?
b. Is the ISO position on NFZ now identical to the Baathist Amen Corner
position or not?

You seem to think this a small thing, but consider what happens in the
event of an event. What will be the points of unity? Do you believe a
Syrian who calls for bombing the regime's airstrips to crater them (for
example) could get on the platform? Is this not going to reproduce the
situation in London where Syrians were prevented from speaking at a Stop
the War Coalition rally?

2. The 7th Camp. OK, you're right, only gettable by ancients like me. I
don't think I am seeing Schachtmanites in my soup but later for that (not
too much later IMO).

Thanks again for your helpful remarks.

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