[Marxism] Fwd: I’m voting for Jill Stein. It’s a moral choice. It reflects who I am as a person. - Vox

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 19 20:18:51 MDT 2016

I am a Marxist, a radical feminist, and the child of a Laotian 
immigrant, so it’s obvious why Trump doesn’t speak to me. His hateful 
and bigoted language, such as the recent recordings where he discussed 
sexually assaulting women, is appalling. I’m particularly disturbed by 
his law-and-order rhetoric. I read that he claimed police are the most 
discriminated-against group in America right now. I’m truly 
flabbergasted at that statement.

As for Clinton, her views and many of the stances taken up by the 
Democratic Party are just not progressive enough for me. I’m turned off 
by her connections to big business and capitalism, her support of 
fracking, and her hawkish support of Israel. Most of all, I’m 
disappointed by how slow she was to get on board with the Black Lives 
Matter group, which is the movement I’m most passionate about. While I 
appreciate that she has largely come around to it, I don’t see evidence 
that she really gets the core of the problem.

Black Lives Matter emphasizes intersectionality, which is the idea that 
one’s social identities are inseparable and all significant when 
considering how marginalized groups are oppressed. I see Clinton as a 
person who does not have an intersectional mindset. How can she say she 
supports the black community in our country but then continue to support 
Israel as it violently occupies Gaza, where black Palestinians live? She 
lacks the globally progressive view that I want in a candidate.

Jill Stein has been my candidate for years, and the Green Party has 
always been my affiliation of choice. She is the only candidate who 
recognizes the historical and systemic scope of racial issues. I admire 
that she lets people of color speak for themselves about solutions and 
experiences with police violence. I can’t think of any misgivings I have 
with Stein’s positions. Some people like to bring up her comments on 
vaccinations as a criticism, but Stein has praised the positive effects 
of vaccines and has only questioned the influence of big pharma on 
recommendations. She is a doctor with extensive medical training — why 
are people so dismissive of her on this issue?


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