[Marxism] Socialist Action on Libya and Syria

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Fri Oct 21 07:43:32 MDT 2016

Andy is correct at least with regards to permanent revolution. The
characterization by Green of Permanent Revolution is like a middle-school
text book definition.

The *program* of Permanent Revolution to the degree as it's advocated and
not just, as many Trotskyists project, simply an analytical took to
prognosticate the course of a future revolution, is closer to Andy's
interpretation. All these revolutions *start as democratic ones* (struggles
for actual democracy against dictatorship, land reform, national
liberation,etc). All Permanent Revolution says/advocates/predicts is that
in order to actually *achieve* those democratic *tasks* it will take the
complete overthrow of he existing capitalist regime and the installation by
the working class of Workers Government. That's it. There are none, ZERO,
preconditions about who or whom to support in achieving this except that to
go "all the way", again to achieve the reason people were rebelling in the
first place, means to break with the capitalists *politically* who may be
part of the initial phases of the revolution and keep the working class
independent. But that latter point is on us, not the masses themselves.

Problems of Permanent Revolution: it was poorly written. It was overly
prognostic in it's structure (not unlike Lenin's writings as well in some
cases). It has zero to really say about *how* to conduct a struggle for
national liberation other than emphasis on the building the Communist
Party. There is not enough or very little about the national liberation
stage of the revolution and the tactics and strategy to be used in leading
such a fight. And Trotsky did talk about 'stages'. Trotsky rejected,
however, the *mechanical application of stages* implied in Lenin's writings
(such as in Two Tactics for Social Democracy) but rather emphasized there
is no "iron wall between stages" and one 'stage' dynamically flows into the
other as dictated by the course of the revolution. It takes a revolutionary
party that understands this dynamic to insure the completion of the
democratic revolution by way of a working class victory.

Also not talked about is the issue of Imperialist intervention because it
assumes that all such struggles are anti-Imperialist and the lines are
clearly drawn which, of course, is not always the case.

David Walters

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