[Marxism] Permanent revolution

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 07:49:09 MDT 2016

Louis's summary of the historical and theoretical dilemmas is useful.
re Egypt: yes, it's a bizarre concatenation of struggles, from opposing
feudal/fundamentalist legacies to combating capital whether state- or
privately-owned. That's a particular variant of combined and uneven
I just finished several chapters in Joseph Daher's fantastic new book on
Hezbollah. He details the party's ties to particular wings of capital, and
how that leads it to oppose or even help crush workers' struggles.
Here too it would be interesting to theorize the combined and uneven
development reflected in that situation - but there is NO question that
only the workers will carry all aspects of the revolution through to the
Which is why I get angry at Joe, because he (and Sam Hamad) want only
democratic demands addressed (and not very far even on those in Sam's case,
who's OK with the Ikhwan having restricted them).

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