[Marxism] Permanent revolution

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 08:19:35 MDT 2016

Here by coincidence is a new story worth mulling over in the context of the
issues raised in this thread.
>From Spain to China to any other number of cases, the revolution could only
win over peasants by supporting the latter's demand for land - and
conversely how the failure to provide such support led peasants to say a
plague on both your houses.
The story below describes Daesh's seizure of land or at least the profits
of it in Syria for themselves. Naturally the farmers - and workers involved
in ancillary sectors (e.g. distribution, processing, etc.). would resent
Daesh's actions. But of course they would harbor a similar resentment
against any political force seizing their land and revenue - which in fact
was a huge factor in the launching of the revolution.
Now of course Daesh's genocidal barbarism means that regardless of who
controls the land, the peasants will never submit to Daesh for long no
matter how reactionary the other side's land politics are.
But regardless, the punch line is that eventually Syria's farmers and
ancillary workers will demand control of, and revenue from, agriculture.

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