[Marxism] Socialist Action on Libya and Syria - Reply to Andrew Pollock

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Sat Oct 22 06:22:03 MDT 2016

Andrew Pollack <acpollack2 at gmail.com>Andrew Pollock refuses to deal with what 
it means that so many advocates of the "permanent revolution" has fallen on 
their face with respect to the Arab Spring, as shown by the stands of 
Socialist Action and a number of other Trotskyist organizations. Instead, he 
repeatedly calls me a Menshevik, either directly or by arbitrarily asserting 
that I uphold Menshevik positions. 

In October 3, Pollock wrote in reply to me:

>The Mensheviks are back at it.
>Once again 90% of their argument against permanent revolution
>is based on whether particular worker
>organizing/mobilizing/theoretical steps are
>possible or likely. And their answer is always No.

So here he derides me as a Menshevik, simply because I criticize permanent 
revolution. And he says that I am opposed to workers organizing and 
struggling on all fronts. 

But for year after year, I have said exactly the opposite. Pollock doesn't 
know or care what I have written. He simply repeats a stock Trotskyist attack 
on a critic. 

Pollock comes back to the same theme, however, on October 21 when he writes 

> ... why I get angry at Joe, [is] because he (and Sam Hamad) want
> only democratic demands addressed

A lie is a lie no matter how often it's repeated. I have stressed, year in 
and year out, that the working class should raise social demands in a 
democratic movement. 

What I do claim is that, due to the concrete circumstances of the Arab 
Spring, the uprisings didn't have any chance of leading to socialist 
revolution. That's very different from saying that the workers won't, or 
cannot, or shouldn't have any their own class role in the Arab Spring. In 
fact, I would argue that it's essential for the workers to realize the 
democratic nature of various movements if they are to have a chance to build 
up their own independent movement which not only zealously participates in 
the democratic movement but has its own socialist goals that go far beyond 
that of the general democratic movement.

-- Joseph Green

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