[Marxism] Socialist Action on Libya and Syria - Reply to Andrew Pollock

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Sat Oct 22 06:29:41 MDT 2016

same old Maoist garbage

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> Andrew Pollack <acpollack2 at gmail.com>Andrew Pollock refuses to deal with
> what
> it means that so many advocates of the "permanent revolution" has fallen on
> their face with respect to the Arab Spring, as shown by the stands of
> Socialist Action and a number of other Trotskyist organizations. Instead,
> he
> repeatedly calls me a Menshevik, either directly or by arbitrarily
> asserting
> that I uphold Menshevik positions.
> In October 3, Pollock wrote in reply to me:
> >Oy.
> >The Mensheviks are back at it.
> >Once again 90% of their argument against permanent revolution
> >is based on whether particular worker
> >organizing/mobilizing/theoretical steps are
> >possible or likely. And their answer is always No.
> So here he derides me as a Menshevik, simply because I criticize permanent
> revolution. And he says that I am opposed to workers organizing and
> struggling on all fronts.
> But for year after year, I have said exactly the opposite. Pollock doesn't
> know or care what I have written. He simply repeats a stock Trotskyist
> attack
> on a critic.
> Pollock comes back to the same theme, however, on October 21 when he writes
> that
> > ... why I get angry at Joe, [is] because he (and Sam Hamad) want
> > only democratic demands addressed
> A lie is a lie no matter how often it's repeated. I have stressed, year in
> and year out, that the working class should raise social demands in a
> democratic movement.
> What I do claim is that, due to the concrete circumstances of the Arab
> Spring, the uprisings didn't have any chance of leading to socialist
> revolution. That's very different from saying that the workers won't, or
> cannot, or shouldn't have any their own class role in the Arab Spring. In
> fact, I would argue that it's essential for the workers to realize the
> democratic nature of various movements if they are to have a chance to
> build
> up their own independent movement which not only zealously participates in
> the democratic movement but has its own socialist goals that go far beyond
> that of the general democratic movement.
> -- Joseph Green
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