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Saleh Muslim: “The humanitarian pause in Aleppo has been extended for 24
hours, as announced by Russia, that is true. Russia wants to separate
civilians from Al Nusra and other terrorist organizations. But like they
do the same with terrorist organizations, they are also using the
civilians as a shield. But it is not easy to get the terrorists out of
Aleppo. In fact, they even don’t let the civilians out”.


(Turkish) Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said due to the meeting's 
'informal nature', no consensus over a new ceasefire deal has been 
reached but all countries agreed on the fact that Syria needed a 
political solution. Speaking to reporters following the meeting, 
Çavuşoğlu said Al-Nusra Front must withdraw from military posts in 
Aleppo immediately for humanitarian aid to reach the city safely, adding 
that the Syrian opposition forces should separate itself from the 
terrorist group 


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart, 
Vladimir Putin, have agreed to clear the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front 
from the Syrian city of Aleppo, Erdoğan said on Oct. 19. Commenting on a 
phone conversation he had with Putin on Oct. 18, Erdoğan said the two 
sides had talked about a consensus for taking al-Nusra fighters out of 
Syria’s second largest city. “He [Putin] said that as of 10:00 p.m. 
[Oct. 18] the air bombardment was stopped [in Aleppo]. They [Putin] 
appealed to us about taking al-Nusra out of the city. We have given the 
necessary instructions to our friends [officials]. We have talked about 
a consensus [with Putin] to work on taking al-Nusra out of Aleppo and 
maintaining the peace of the people of Aleppo,” Erdoğan said Oct. 19, 
addressing a meeting of neighborhood leaders in Ankara 


So, while the Assad satrapy and the Russian imperialist invader bomb 
Aleppo to smithereens, the "real issue", according to this pair of 
charlatan clowns - Salih Muslim of the PYG and Erdogan of the AKP - is 
not this terror, but the alleged presence of some hundreds of Nusra 
fighters helping to defend the people of Aleppo, among some 10,000 
non-Nusra fighters and 300,000 besieged civilians. And of course this 
also just happens to be the position of the US government. Indeed, even 
during the most  recent Putin-Assad horror siege, the US joined in by 
bombing and killing a key Nusra commander, who just happened to be one 
of the key leaders of the 30,000 strong rebel force that broke the first 
siege several months ago. And the view of the discredited UN hack De 
Mistura. And the view of Corbyn's shadow foreign secretary Emily 
Thornberry when she made an embarrassingly pathetic intervention in the 
Syria debate in the House of Commons; apparently what the left should 
say when confronted with genocidal bombing in Syria is to crap on about 
"al Qaida".

The genocidal Russia-Assadist siege and destruction of Aleppo is 
directly facilitated by Daesh's occupation of the city of al-Bab 
(conquered from rebels in 2014) and the YPG occupation of the city of 
Tal Rifaat (Arab-majority city conquered from the rebels, via direct aid 
of massive Russian bombing, in February 2016). While I have no intention 
of comparing Daesh and YPG, one thing they have in common is their 
neutrality between regime and opposition, hence their occupation of 
these regions blocks the FSA in the north, in Azaz and Mare, and al the 
region they have liberated from Daesh with the aid of Turkey's 
intervention the last couple of months. But the reason Russia can be so 
accommodating of its new friend Erdogan aiding the FSA against Daesh in 
the north is precisely because the YPG occupation of Tal Rifaat blocks 
any confrontation of these forces with the regime. If Erdogan actually 
wanted to aid the northern FSA come to aid of besieged Aleppo by 
attacking the regime in the back, it needs to help the FSA seize 
Daesh-held al-Bab now, yesterday in fact. Yet two months later, we are 
still waiting. Now, encouragingly, the FSA has put an ultimatum to the 
Assad-colluding YPG to get out of illegally-occupied Tal Rifaat. But any 
direct Turkish help against the YPG - even here where the FSA *must* 
drive out the YPG to help save Aleppo - is politically a poisoned 
chalice, further dividing the peoples. Yet, in my opinion, it won't even 
come to that - Turkey bombed some YPG-held villages, probably killed 
people, but my prediction is that Erdogan's deal with Putin and Obama is 
to continue holding the FSA back. How else to interpret such treacherous 
statements from Erdogan in the presence of Putin? I'd be happy to be 
proven wrong, for the sake of Aleppo.

Hence we see identical charlatan statements from the PYD and its Turkish 
regime nemesis. Unless Erdogan moves on al-Bab *now* - not tomorrow when 
its too late - or allows the FSA a free hand to rightfully re-take the 
Tal Rifaat stolen goods - then it is clear: Daesh, PYD, Turkey: enablers 
of the Putin-Assad strangulation and slaughter of Aleppo. 

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