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1.   Photo of The Month — Police Kill Another Unarmed Black Man

2.   And the Winner is....

3.   African Women Climb Mountain for Land Rights

4.   The Black-White Pay Gap

5.   Americans Work 25% More Than Europeans

6.   Clinton and Putin: An Unexpected Conversation

7.   Mosul Braces Itself for Next Bloody Chapter

8.   Pentagon Predicts Dystopian Urban Wars

9.   Turkey Air Raid Kills 200 Kurdish Fighters In Syria

10. New $100 Million U.S. Drone Base in Africa

11. It’s Time To Decriminalize Drug Use and Possession

12. U.S. Hands off Syria — Unity Statement

13. Activists Foil Oil Pipelines and Trains

14. Why We are Singing for Water

15. Climate Change: Rich Countries Must Help the Poorest

16. U.S. Turns Back on Palestinians 

17. 'Hanoi Hannah' Has Died

18. Thailand: King Dies, Military Still Rules

19. Penguins Returned to the Sea

20. Dogs Comprehend Human Vocabulary and Tone

21. Bees now are an Endangered Species 


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