[Marxism] following the link on Dylan

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 18:02:57 MDT 2016

There is much lingering beneath the surface of this thread.  There is for
example the vexed question of the relationship between the artist and the
movement. But I will leave that for another day, perhaps.

I followed Greg's link to Marqusee's book and picked out this from the
blurb.  But first let me say that Glosser's assessment of Dylan was
serious. Very. The difference is that Marqusee's evaluation of Dylan is
more generous and I think more self-serving.

The excerpt reads:

*Dylan's anguished, self-obsessed, prickly artistic evolution, Marqusee
asserts, was a deeply creative response to a deeply disturbing situation.
"He can no longer tell the story straight," Marqusee concludes, "because
any story told straight is a false one."*
The rhetoric here is enticing but we should resist it.  It is simply untrue
that any story told straight is false. What we are offered is a flashy
display of fast thinking that serves to hide the truths of a great
abandonment of the quest for a better world.

Now, comrades, that is a very straight narrative and it is very, very true.



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