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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 26 11:33:08 MDT 2016

Stop calling warmongers “anti-war activists”
An open letter to the Stop the War coalition

Dear friends,

This is to ask you to think about your organisation’s alliance with 
Boris Kagarlitsky, the Russian political commentator who supports war in 

In a statement of 19 October, the Stop the War Coalition (STW) described 
Kagarlitsky as an “anti-war activist” and a “leader and organiser” of 
anti-government protests. The statement, responding to an inaccurate 
article in the Sunday Times, acknowledged that organisations Kagarlitsky 
works for are funded by the Kremlin, and claimed that this amounted to 
only “one grant for research”.

The statement is wrong. It is full of untruths, half-truths and 
obfuscations. In reality, (1) Kagarlitsky is not an “anti-war activist”, 
but a supporter of war in eastern Ukraine. (2) Kagarlitsky has been 
involved in anti-government protests, but since 2014 has become a 
collaborator with leading ultra-nationalists and fascists, and is 
reviled by Russian and Ukrainian anti-war activists for that reason. (3) 
Kagarlitsky has accepted funds from the Kremlin via various channels 
since at least 2009, and probably since 2005 – not “one grant for 
research”, but many grants.

I write as a lifelong participant in the labour movement and, for the 
last 25 years, a researcher of Russian and Ukrainian history, politics 
and economy. I have no interest in supporting the Sunday Times and its 
witch-hunts against Jeremy Corbyn. But witch-hunts have to be fought 
with the truth, and your organisation is not telling the truth. Here are 
some details on the three points mentioned.


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