[Marxism] Fwd: Stopping Hillary’s Coming War on Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 27 07:49:34 MDT 2016

A key mistake some Left groups make is focusing their anti-war actions 
on “all sides,” wrongly believing that this alone is an internationalist 
approach against imperialism and war. But a critical component gets 
ignored when this principle is clung to.


This is from Shamus Cooke, one of Counterpunch's stable of tireless 
Assad defenders. Some left groups? What planet is he living on? Some 
left groups? Really? Except for the ISO and Solidarity, every left group 
I can think of agrees with Cooke and his microsect. (I exclude the 
American SWP since it is non compos mentis.) That's in the USA. Outside 
of the USA, the Australian Socialist Alternative lines up with the ISO 
and Solidarity.

Left groups in the USA:

-Socialist Action
-Workers World
-Party for Socialism and Liberation
-Communist Party
-Committees of Correspondence
-Socialist Alternative (Sawant's group)
-Socialist Organizer (I may be wrong on this but I can't track it down 
since their website can't be reached. You get stopped with a "This site 
may be hacked" when you try to access it. Furthermore, the Lambertiste 
International cannot be accessed either on the web. Have they cashed it in?)
-Spartacist League
-International Bolshevik Tendency

Left groups outside the USA

-Counterfire (John Rees's outfit)
-SWP (I just checked to make sure of what I had a suspicion about. Simon 
Assaf, once a reliable analyst of MENA, now characterizes Syria as 
little more than a proxy war)
-Socialist Alliance in Australia (Greenleft people)
-Virtually the entire Communist Party, or what's left of it.

This is not to speak of Marxist publications like Monthly Review and 
Canadian Dimension that are openly pro-Assad.

And those conspicuous by their silence: New Left Review, Socialist 
Register, Science and Society and Socialism and Democracy.

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