[Marxism] Fwd: Sweet ’16: Notes on the US Election | Salvage

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 27 09:00:04 MDT 2016

(From the final paragraph of an elephantine article by Benjamin Kunkel 
in the magazine that Richard Seymour et al launched. Kunkel was the 
founder of n+1, a Marxist magazine that is closer in spirit to Salvage 
than Jacobin. All three of these high-profile Young Turks magazines 
advocate work in the Democratic Party apparently. No thanks.)

"Logically, however, if US radicals are to have anything to do with 
contests for national office under a system innocent of proportional 
representation, then occupying and redirecting the Democratic Party as 
far as possible looks more promising than launching a new party onto the 
margins of American politics. My somewhat embarrassed conjecture is that 
the failure of social democrats in office to effect the transformation 
that only revolution can achieve will do more to hasten the break with 
capitalism than their continued exclusion from power. In the face of 
reactionaries, reform seems adequate – in the face of reformists, only 
revolution will do. I hope the thesis isn’t too dubious to debate with 
comrades come 9 November, the day after the election, and, by the 
revolutionary calendar, the 18th Brumaire. Until then, liberalism has us 
where it wants us, desperate not to lose and with no hope of winning."


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