[Marxism] Spain refuses access to Russian ships

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 09:40:56 MDT 2016

It is not really a setback, Andy. They simply have tankers come and refill
their fuel bunkers while at sea. it makes no difference to the military
effectiveness of their fleet vis-a-vis Syria or their intentions there.
While the world is focused on the conventionally fueled Admiral Kuznetsov
air craft carrier, the Russians are also sending the large (and largest
battleship-like ship in the world) the Kirov Class Battle Cruiser (I don't
know the actual name of this particular ship). This is a *nuclear powered*
battle cruiser and is the most heavily armed ship in the world bar none. It
doesn't need fuel at all just like US ships of similar size and capability.
It is, basically, a floating ship killer with the most advanced
ship-to-ship and ship-to-air missiles ever developed (in case you were
wondering what all that revenue for the massive amount of natural gas being
sold to Germany was for).

This is the ship that would attempt to hit US fighter aircraft in any
proposed "No Fly Zone" as it has missiles that can hit any plane anywhere
in Syria. This is an end of the world ship.

Refueling was completed last night I think.


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