[Marxism] Spain refuses access to Russian ships

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 11:37:07 MDT 2016

There is interestingly a lot more to this. The German energy 'transition'
is called *Energiewende* and was voted into being in 2010. However, the
origin of this goes back to the reign of SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder
and his Green Party Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor, Joschka Fischer.

During their office tenure, they both supported the massive new gas
pipeline expansions for Gazprom and the rival Turkish consortium running a
similar line from the Caspian. Schröder lobbied heavily for the projects
from Gazprom, and Fischer for the Turkish project. ince Germany did need to
import this gas and plans for dozens of gas turbines were being organized
(all of which were built) with an eye toward their wind and solar power
development (which was only just getting underway then). The controversy
arises is that when both Schröder and Fisher left office they immediately
went to work for the two, now competing, gas line projects. Schröder's
salary topped 200,000 Euros per year.

What was the reference to Jill Stein on the pipeline issue about?


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