[Marxism] Fwd: The Human Lacunae in Ken Loach’s “I, Daniel Blake”

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Very interesting Lou, and thank you for the link. Jones's piece is the kind
of nit-picking philistinism that passes for critique on the Left, The
filmmaker /artist/writer doesn't get the "line" right and so must be

My own feeling is that Loach's film may be powerfully targeted at the
current British state.  I base that on the criticisms it has provoked from
the Right. But I will reserve judgement until it arrives in Oz.



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> She is at peace now, and so are the Tories – safe in the knowledge that
> the UK’s premier leftist filmmaker has gifted them the fictional icon they
> always wanted but did not know they could have: Daniel Blake is the
> facsimile of masculinity, working class nostalgia and British reserve that
> they might see in themselves, if they needed to bother to look.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/10/28/the-human-lacunae-in-
> ken-loachs-i-daniel-blake/
> This is from a review of Ken Loach's latest film by a guy named Simon
> Jones who shares not only the surname of Jacobin's film reviewer Eileen
> Jones but her insistence that film's deliver an uncompromising radical
> message even at the expense of engaging the audience.
> Simon Jones has problems with the main character's stalwart work record
> that Ken Loach emphasized in order to ward off any perceptions that he was
> "just another scumbag, pilfering the system of their hard-earned pennies".
> So what's the point? Should the character be more like the sleazy
> character William Macy plays on HBO's "Shameless", a series that is based
> on the English TV show? Don't Simon Jones or Eileen Jones have any concept
> of storytelling? In many ways, they are as clueless as David Walsh who
> doesn't pretend to be anything except a dogmatic (but always interesting)
> film critic.
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